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At current I volunteer for Opendoor. I deal with custermor service and Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT testing). Custermor service is very different from dealing with maths, coding or database problems and is a welcome change. Working in a team is fun and requires a little give and take

Here are three blogs about volunteering.

How Volunteering can Change Your Life and Boost Your Career.

Why People Volunteer.

Three reasons why I like volunteering for local IT charities.

About me

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Hi, my name is Tony McDonald and I love science, coding, analysing data, wildlife, gardening, cycling, the environment and i am also a very spiritual and family orientated man. I studied Computing and IT (Q62) at the Open University and i graduated in 2021. If you have any questions, you can find me at any of my social media accounts or even email me from the contact page. You can also download my CV from the link below.

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