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How to make a random cat API!

This small piece of code is all you need to make your very own API at home. API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a set of clearly defined methods that allows communications between components or applications. This example uses is a publicly available web-based API.

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Hi, my name is Tony McDonald and I love science, coding, analysing data, wildlife, gardening, cycling, the environment and i am also a very spiritual and family orientated man. I studied Computing and IT (Q62) at the Open University and i graduated in 2021. If you have any questions, you can find me at any of my social media accounts or even email me from the contact page. You can also download my CV from the link below.

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BSc (Honours) Computing and IT

University: The Open University
Started: October 2014
Graduated: October 2021

I like organising and analysing and I love science and computing. However, I am not so much a cog in the machine, but rather someone who can analyse the machine, find the problem, and fix it by replacing a cog, building a new cog or making an interface for an older cog to work with a newer cog. Sometimes this involves analysing copious amounts of data. For a full breakdown of my degree check out the menu bar at the top

Quiz 3

What was the name of the British World War 2 computer used to decipher Nazi transmission

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