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Hi, my name is Tony McDonald and I love science, coding, analysing data, wildlife, gardening, cycling, the environment and i am also a very spiritual and family orientated man. I studied Computing and IT (Q62) at the Open University and i graduated in 2021. If you have any questions, you can find me at any of my social media accounts or even email me from the contact page. You can also download my CV from the link below.

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BSc (Honours) Computing and IT

University: The Open University
Started: October 2014
Graduated: October 2021

I like organising and analysing and I love science and computing. However, I am not so much a cog in the machine, but rather someone who can analyse the machine, find the problem, and fix it by replacing a cog, building a new cog or making an interface for an older cog to work with a newer cog. Sometimes this involves analysing copious amounts of data. For a full breakdown of my degree check out the menu bar at the top



I like to spend some time in the garden with the flowers and the wildlife. Gardening is a great way of ubwinding and can bring a great sence of joy. The local wild life adds to the fun. For instance, I could watch the bees buzzing around the flowers gathering polen for hours.

My Garden

A slideshow of a flowers and wildlive

Since I began to really show an interest in the garden, I have learned about different flowers and what types of soil they like. For instance, lemon balm grows in any soil and in part shade.

I also learned that lavender and sunflowers draw in the bumblebees and butterflies. There are three types of bumblebees: honeybees, garden bees and white tails. Bees, however, are not the only wildlife in the garden: cats, hedgehogs and birds all enjoy my garden too.


I like to spend time in the kitchen baking and cooking. I also like to read about food and nutrition. To be honest, I spend a lot of time on this hobby!

My Baking

Cakes I like to bake.

While baking and cooking, I like to learn about nutrition and different diets.


For the last 25 years or so I have visited many different churches all mainly Baptist churches in my local area. Recently, I have been attending Our Lady Immaculate and St. Etheldreda where i find the services very peaceful and calming. I love every aspect of the christian life including the life of prayer. Jesus never let me down.

Christian Life

A slide show of a church i attend

I went to an Anglican school as a child and then to a secular secondary school. Later, in my mid-twenties I was baptised by a pastor named Richard Underwood in Soham Baptist Church. I have spent a lot of time with Baptists and Salvationists. In resent years i feel at home with Catholism and in the Chatholic Church. I enjoy praying the Holy Rosay and reading the books in the Bible and in the end I felt pursued by Catholism.

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