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Functional website

08 Feb 2020

Task outline

Make the website functional by adding an interactive quiz.

Complete the following:

Technologies to be used:

Output or results of activity

The quiz works as planed.

I found this an interesting project to complete.

Comments on knowledge and skills demonstrated

I used a lot of already learned knowledge to create the HTML and style with CSS. However, I needed to learn more JS in order to complete the project. This involved searching the internet and finding suitable learning and resource sites. For this project I used a lot of functions and both local and global variables. With some thought, I was able to put some code into functions that can be called by the other functions when needed; thus, cutting down on repeated code. I chose to used radio buttons for the questions since only one answer is needed to answer a question.

Radio Buttons

Figure 1 example of question with radio buttons used to select an answer.

Correct and incorrect answers

Figure 2 example of correct and incorrect answers.

Areas investigated and things learned:



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